Custom Items

If you want merchandise featuring your own lodge or club crest then we have a wide range of options available! Perhaps you even need workwear for your hall staff or gifts for an installation or anniversary meeting?

From pin badges to t-shirts, baby bibs to winter coats, you can raise money for festival whilst representing your lodge, chapter, club or hall!

Order in bulk for delivery direct to your hall or home, or you can even host your own page right here on the website so members can order what they like on demand and your funds are not tied up in stock. What's even better is both of these methods raise money for Festival with every item sold!

Contact us to discuss your needs, and you're welcome to come in and see us if you'd like to discuss in person or see some samples! Read more below about what's required to create bespoke products.

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How much does it cost?

To set up an on-demand shop page for your lodge costs £75 ex VAT. This is to cover the cost of artwork setup and re-work if required to get it to the standard needed for print, as well as building the page itself. It can then be used on as many products as you like.

There are no setup fees for bulk orders (eg. you're ordering 20 t-shirts in one go for your lodge members) provided artwork does not need reworking (see artwork info below).

How do we make payment for bulk orders or setup?

We will issue you an invoice to be paid by bank transfer.

Alternatively we can issue a payment link so you can pay by card via the website, or in visit us in person to pay by card machine (please note both these methods are subject to a 3% card processing fee).

We also accept cash payment, please contact us to arrange and in-person payments.

What artwork is required?

Many lodge crests are decades if not hundreds of years old and may not be suitable for modern print techniques as they've been hand-drawn and then scanned/photographed multiple times.

We require the crest in PDF, PSD, AI or high-res PNG format, ideally in 300dpi resolution and CMYK colour format.

If you're struggling then send us what you have and we'll see what can be done. We can rework artwork for you for a small fee (approx £20) and provide you the files so you can then use them for anything you like in the future.

Can everything be done on demand?

Not all products can be produced on demand, for example mugs, pin badges, and cufflinks are produced in batches so these need purchasing in bulk and you can either have the whole lot delivered to you or we can hold them for you and sell them through your webpage.

Most clothing and accessories however can be printed on demand.

Is there a product list to choose from?

There is indeed! Take a look at the Zero Negativity website to view all the products and colours available. This is not a definitive list and should you require something you can't see on that website or this one, please get in touch and we should be able to organise something!

Can we control sale prices if we have a page on the site?

To an extent yes, all sales generate funds for the Festival, and we will tell you what the minimum sale price must be. There is scope to add on a small amount for lodge funds as we understand some lodges will want to try and recoup some of the setup costs.

How is VAT handled and how would we obtain our profits (if any)?

We handle the charging, reporting and payment of VAT. All listed product prices include VAT.

If your range includes a small additional commission for your lodge we will send you a sales report once a quarter and the commission can be paid as a donation to your lodge.

What's the best way to get started with this?

Get in touch with us! Call, email or arrange to come and see us - all our details are on the contact page.